Meet Toussaint

Updated: Jan 17, 2019


Toussaint Light Roast Coffee
Toussaint Light Roast

The taste of the revolution

History in your cup

On a warm night in November 1791, a young Toussaint L’Ouverture sat around a fire with his fellow countrymen, slaves at the time. They were determined to fight for their freedom, and liberation. After 13 years, they successfully defeated the French, and established the world’s first Black Republic, now known as Haïti, the land of mountains.

Coffee played an important role in the independence of Haïti. During L’Ouverture’s life, Haïti produced a third of the world’s coffee, and was France’s most prized colonial possession. Haïti’s coffee helped fund the revolution, and continues to play an important role in Haitian society to this day.

Why “Toussaint?” We created this roast to celebrate the founding father of the world’s first black republic, and Haiti’s rich coffee history. It’s our way of memorializin