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Welcoming a New Year by David & Gaï

In many ways, 2023 was a heavy and weary year as the world navigated its way into a post COVID reality and conflict after conflict erupted around the globe. There was, what feels like, a post-trauma reckoning with the fragility and vulnerability of the human condition. 


This past year, with all its ups and downs, made us more determined to define our lives not solely by happiness but by purpose, compassion, and the positive impact we can have through our work in the coffee industry and outside of it.  


As we move ahead into 2024, we want you to know that your story is invaluable, and it’s an integral part of this shared journey we’re all on together. Could you take a moment today and let us know one thing you’re hopeful for in 2024? If you send in a photo that symbolizes what you’re hopeful for, we’d love to share it on our platforms and help spread some New Year cheer! You can send the email to or drop us a DM on social media. 


No matter what 2024 brings, we hope that you’ll continue to be part of the larger story that’s being written with Dávila Kafe.  Sending you our deepest appreciation and love this holiday season. 


Stay fueled, 

David and Gaï 

¡Que Disfrutes!



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