(UN)LEARNING: Dismantling Racism in Coffee


In 2017 we founded Dávila Kafe with the intention of highlighting the excellence of Haitian and Nicaraguan coffee while building a platform on which the stories of young entrepreneurs and artists, particularly those of color, could be showcased. Coming from a long line of coffee producers in Nicaragua and in Haiti, it pained us to see the lack of representation and empowerment at every level–from coffee bars to magazines, all the way to C-suites and boardrooms–in the coffee industry.

During the past several weeks we have all been forced to grapple with the impact of a global pandemic while confronting the reality that, despite gains made in the past 50 years, systemic racism, inequality, and racial division are alive in our country and this industry. As a company, we stand resolute in our commitment to bear witness to our nation’s troubled history of racial violence even as we continue our work to ensure racial equity, inclusion and recognition at every level. Our commitment goes beyond words. It is at the heart of our culture and the way we operate at every level.

Our hope is that these resources, focusing on anti-racist learning, will serve as a starting point for you, your company, and your family. We strongly encourage other leaders in the industry to continue speaking out while taking thoughtful, clear, and actionable steps forward. We pray for justice and we pray for peace.

David and Gaï Dávila


Dávila Kafe Coffee Company