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Ethiopia: A Cry at Origin Through Her Eyes

Moderated by our Chief Experience Officer Kathy LaTorre, this webinar highlights the current conflict in Ethiopia and how it specifically affects women and girls. Our hope is that folks in the specialty coffee industry and beyond will acquire a more nuanced understanding of what's happening on the ground in the Tigray region and learn more about how we can be part of making a positive impact. Panelists include:

Meaza Gidey, an International Relations researcher, human rights advocate and a representative of Omna Tigray, a nonpartisan global organization that advocates for Tigrayans and other marginalized people.

Ayyaantu Abduselam, an Oromo-American born in Ethiopia who immigrated to the U.S. with her family at the age of 10. She is the current President & Development Director of Oromo Legacy Leadership and Advocacy Association - OLLAA, in charge of technical and development programs management for the non-profit.

Bserat Ghebremicael, lead for Marketing and Branding at Omna Tigray, an advocacy platform founded by a collective of global Tigrayans in response to the war being waged on the Tigrayan people.

Watch the full webinar here.


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