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Brewing Method: Pour Over

Pour Over - Hario V60


It’s nothing you can’t do, with a whole lot of flavor


Crafting your own pour over takes some practice, but it’s something you can be proud of, because it’s yours! Kick the bells and whistles to the curbs, wasteful plastic, and brew coffee the therapeutic way. It’s all you, and a bit of technique. There isn’t a steep learning curve, just embrace the process. The end result: a cup that appears to be one made with a coffee maker; however, nuanced, multifaceted, and exquisite. Notice the bloom, the steam, and how a flick of the wrist can alter the final cup. Like a manual car, this experience will make you one with the drink that kick starts opportunity.

What You Need




Hario V60




3 - 3 ½ minutes


Step 1

Bring at least 700 grams (24 oz) of water to a boil.


Step 2

Grind 25 grams of coffee (2.5 tbsp) to a coarseness resembling sea salt. This will really bring out the nuances of our single-origin coffee roasts.

Grind to the size of Sea Salt


Step 3

Place a filter inside the pour over brewer.

Pour hot water into the filter to remove paper fragments and flavor. Then discard the hot water from your vessel before moving forward.


Step 4

Add coffee grounds to the filter and level the surface with a gentle tap. Place brewer on a cup or carafe, and place it all onto a digital scale. Tear the scale to zero.


Step 5

There will be four pours throughout this brewing method. The first is very special, you’ll experience the “bloom.” This is when Co2 gases are released, creating a blossoming effect—the grounds will rise up en masse.

Start your timer. Slowly pour water over the coffee starting with the outer rim steadily spiraling toward the center of the grounds. Stop pouring when the scale reaches 80 grams. Evenly saturate all the grounds, always targeting the darker areas first. Let your