Brewing Guide: Cold Bruer

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Cold Bruer


It’s the end of the summer, and we couldn’t let it go without mentioning the Cold Bruer! Did you know it’s possible to wake up to fresh cup of cold brew coffee every morning? Before the Cold Bruer, brewing cold brew coffee could take anywhere between 12-24 hours! Thanks to Gabe Herz, and Andy Clark, you can now have a delicious cup of cold brew in just 4-6 hours!

So why cold brew? It's not just refreshing, it also allows you to discover flavor notes that are sometimes hidden in your everyday hot cup of coffee. The Cold Bruer slowly drips cold water through your favorite coffee grounds, and doesn’t eliminate the coffee’s smooth sweetness, but does finish with less acidity. Just be careful, you may find yourself finishing all the coffee in one sitting!


Cold Bruer

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