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Best Practices for Home Coffee Brewing

Brewing coffee with an Aeropress and Esteli
Best Practices for Home Coffee Brewing

The new quarantine measures mean that we all have a lot more time to brew our coffee as we #stayhome. Whether you're used to visiting your local coffeeshop on your way to work, or have always brewed your coffee at home using quick coffee pods, we've got best coffee brewing practices down to a science, and we want to share them with you. You can make an incredible cup of coffee right where you are with these quick pro-tips.

1. Purchase Freshly Roasted Coffee

Although purchasing coffee that isn't freshly roasted won't go bad, the taste won't be satisfactory with too much aging. So buy freshly roasted beans (still available even during this global pandemic!).

2. Avoid Oxidation

To avoid flavor degradation, prevent oxidation! The flavor of coffee diminishes when it's exposed to too much oxygen. Our Davila Kafe coffee bags come equipped with a zip-lock seal where you can conveniently zip up the bag and easily prevent oxidation.

3. Invest in Specialty Coffee

You can have specialty grade coffee in the comfort of your own home and for an affordable price. Can't go to your favorite café? We're happy to ship you an order of coffee that will exceed your expectations.

Whole Bean Coffee - Davila Kafe
Only Buy Whole Bean

4. Only Buy Whole Bean

Embrace the beauty of whole beans - although it may seem like an added step to a busy morning, whole beans are essential for preserving the integrity of your coffee and will ensure that you have a true specialty coffee experience. Lastly, when coffee is ground, all its natural essential oils evaporate swiftly. To prevent this, grind your coffee moments before brewing.

5. Use Purified Water

Since water makes up 90% of your coffee cup, use purified water to brew your coffee! If your tap water tastes questionable, your coffee will too. Don't use distilled water because your coffee will end up tasting bland. The minerals are necessary to give it the satisfactory taste that you desire.


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