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Brewing Guide: Coffee Maker

Updated: Jan 17, 2019


At Dávila Kafe we believe nothing compares to a handmade cup of coffee, but sometimes life gets crazy. Despite our best intentions, the hustle and bustle of early morning commutes on the LIE (Long Island Expressway), getting the kids on the bus or managing a demanding work schedule can get in the way. We understand! There’s no need to feel ashamed about using a coffee maker that allows you to enjoy your brew in no time. Since the 50s, when the first automatic coffee maker was released, automatic drip brewers have become as ubiquitous as televisions in hotel rooms, waiting rooms, and the kitchens of coffee lovers and aficionados alike. A bag of Dávila Kafe perfectly ground—with the right amount of fresh coffee at the correct grind—will ensure that you have the highest quality cup while retaining convenience.

What you'll need

An automatic coffee maker

Coffee maker filters

Measuring cup or gram scale

Brew Time

2 - 3 minutes

Step 1

Pour 4 cups (680 g) of cold water into the coffee maker reservoir. For the best results always use purified water.

Step 2

Place filter into coffee maker basket, and rinse with hot water before brewing. This will reduce any paper flavor the filter may have.

Step 3

Add four tables spoons of Dávila Kafe perfectly ground into the rinsed filter inside the basket.

Step 4

Turn on the coffee maker. Wait and enjoy! Buen provecho!

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