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Brewing Guide: AeroPress

Updated: Jan 17, 2019


You can brew coffee that comes straight from the future, and breaks the norms of gravity. The AeroPress was invented by Aerobie, the company that created the long-flying “superdisc” that broke a world record. Those same aerodynamics skills were injected into the makeup of the AeroPress--one of our favorite brewing devices. It’s super convenient, portable, and fun to make everywhere you go! Take it with you on the go, in the office, at the beach, or to your coffee bar.



AeroPress Filters

AeroPress Funnel



Digital Scale


Stirring tool

Coffee cup or other vessel


1:15 - 2:30 minutes (depending on your liking!)


Step 1

Boil 10 oz (300 g) of water. Weigh out 17 - 21 grams of coffee (depending on how strong you like your coffee). Grind to a size slightly finer than sea salt.


Step 2

Place a paper filter into the AeroPress' black detachable plastic basket.


Step 3

Saturate the surface of the filter with some of the boiled water. The water will remove the paper flavor from the filter, and will heat your brewing vessel. Be careful not to burn your fingers as the the cap is quite small. Gently pour the water over the filter allowing the filter to absorb the water.


Step 4

Assemble your AeroPress. Be sure to dry the entire device, since any residual moisture can compromise the device’s seal.


Step 5

Place it on your scale with the flared end up, then tare the weight to zero. The numbers should appear upside-down.


Step 6

Add your ground coffee. Use the AeroPress funnel to guide your coffee into the AeroPress. Remove the funnel once the coffee is inside your AeroPress.


Step 7

Begin your timer. Add twice the amount of water than you have grounds (e.g., for 17 grams coffee, add 34 grams water). This should reach the number 3.


Step 8

Once you’ve evenly saturated the coffee, stir the coffee using the AeroPress paddle 3 times. Let the coffee “bloom,” by letting it sit for 30 seconds.


Step 9

With the remainder of the hot water, fill the chamber to the top.


Step 10

Place the plastic basket on the top, and fasten the basket ensuring it locks into the grooves tightly. Wait until your coffee has completed the brewing process.


Step 11

Once your timer reaches the 1 minute and 15 second mark, place your AeroPress funnel on top of your device, and your coffee cup or vessel on top of the funnel. Flip the whole assembly over with haste and control. Land your coffee cup right-side up, and begin to plunge your AeroPress in a downward direction.

You will experience about 30 pounds of resistance here, so give it a firm push. If the pushing feels too easy, your grind might be too coarse; if it’s very hard to push, your grind is too fine. Once you hear a hissing sound, your coffee is fully brewed. This means there is no more water to push through the device.


Step 12

Unscrew the basket, pop out the filter and the puck of condensed grounds by simply pushing the AeroPress’s interior section one final inch.

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