Black-on-Black Crime: Unpacking the myth

Written by the Dávila Kafe Team

Recognizing the Myth:

When was the last time you heard the phrase “white-on-white crime?” Can you recall? Probably not because the notion doesn’t exist in our American lexicon, although 2016 statistical data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that 83.5% of white homicide victims were killed by other white Americans. Research has shown that intraracial violence is common in all ethnic groups at similar rates. Why then does the notion of “Black-on-Black crime” continue to persist in our public discourse? Why not focus on the root causes of intraracial violence instead of racializing crime?

Reason 1:

It intentionally steers clear of a comprehensive analysis of crime in Black and working class communities.

Fact: Crime is directly linked to poverty, proximity, and opportunity, not ethnicity or race.

Reason 2: