REBLOG: Honoring a Family Coffee Trade with New Innovations

Visiting our family's hometown, Esteli, in Nicaragua.
David & Gaina in Esteli, Nicaragua

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“You start every day with coffee, and you end every day with coffee.” From age 7, David Dávila, learned how to brew his own coffee before he went to school. Coffee before and after school was the norm in his household.

David is from a long line of coffee producers on both sides of his family, as on his wife, Gaïna’s, family. His father’s family from Nicaragua have been cultivating their place in the coffee industry for generations. His wife is also the great-granddaughter of Haitian coffee agriculturists. This rich heritage and family tradition gave David the inspiration and business model to create the Dávila Kafe Coffee Company.

From teaching English at a high school in Spain, to participating as a Fulbright scholar in Argentina, to pursuing entrepreneurship in the United States; the one constant among David’s life was always coffee. It’s the one thing that is always able to bring strangers together.