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A Note of Gratitude from David

Hey DK Fam,

As we enter the last month of 2019, I’d like thank you for helping make our vision a reality. I’m spending extra time counting my blessings, and thinking about all those who have directly contributed to our team with their time, expertise, and finances.

View of the National Mall in Washington, DC

A special “thank-you” to all our farmers at origin, who produce quality coffee with care, and attention to details. This year, I want to take a moment to highlight the exceptional work of our Haitian producers, who against all economic and political odds have continued to produce the best coffee in the Caribbean—no exaggeration. As many of you know, coffee is a very porous commodity; anything and everything can affect the overall flavors that reach your cup. A small misstep can cause a great deal of damage. It is the detailed care of our Haitian farmers that guarantees only specialty grade quality beans reach your cup. For that, we are grateful beyond words!

Finally, I’d like to thank our Long Island Washington D.C. pop-up team members who came in strong throughout the last couple of weeks preparing for our busiest time of the year--the 4th quarter! Their tenacity and willingness to go above and beyond made a serious impact on our operations in New York and in the DMV. While writing this month’s note, I can’t help but think back to how all of this started in our family’s living room in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We’ve got a lot of great experiences planned for December and the start of 2020. Stay tuned and stay fueled.

Until next time,

David J. Davila


Davila Kafe Coffee Company


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