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Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Sharing Dávila Kafe on Long Island, and New York City.

This fall our team hit the streets and held two Dávila Kafe pop-up shops; one on Long Island, and another in Midtown, Manhattan. We had a lot of fun jamming to our latest Spotify playlist and sharing our favorite blends with members of the Dávila Kafe community. Conversation was great and spirits were high!

This was the second time we hosted live coffee tastings and it was, for sure, memorable. Our pop-up shops mean that we get to connect with talented people like you, while learning more about satisfying your coffee palettes (aka taste buds).

From the coffee connoisseurs to the coffee skeptics, everyone brought something valuable to the table. Our new friend, Alejandra, who was previously a coffee skeptic told us, “[I’m] not a big coffee drinker, but I just tried the Jacmel roast… and it’s delicious! It’s very smooth, and rich.” We’re always excited to hear when people who don’t normally drink coffee, and NEVER consider drinking black coffee, are pleasantly surprised by the taste of our high quality roasts.

“[I’m] not a big coffee drinker, but I just tried the Jacmel roast… and it’s delicious! It’s very smooth, and rich.”

Our coffee tastings serve as memorable opportunities to build community while enjoying a unique specialty blend. Each member of our community can step into the heart of Haitian and Nicaraguan culture, with every sip. Our hope is that our bold tasting Haitian blends and our revitalizing Nicaraguan blends keep your minds fueled with every cup.

Our blends are perfect for both the non-conventional coffee drinker and the everyday dark roast lover. With that said, I want to thank everyone who joined us at our coffee tastings! We appreciate your feedback and want YOU to know that every bit of your support matters to our team. I look forward to filling your cup with more of Haiti and Nicaragua’s specialty coffee for a long time to come!


David J. Davila

Founder/Managing Director

Dávila Kafe

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