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Looking to the New Year

Hey DK Fam,

We’re just a few hours away from the new year, and the start of a new decade! This past year was one full of highs and lots of learning--from the birth of my son to growing our specialty coffee community, it’s been a crazy ride. I’m thankful for every win and every lesson learned along the way. This last month I had the pleasure of meeting many of you in the DMV, and in New York through our various pop-up shops. It’s been so enriching to hear your stories, what you’re creating, and how you fuel your day. Our conversations have taught me that so many of us are all after one thing: finding fulfillment on our journey. As we enter a new decade I look forward to having our company be a part of what keeps you fueled.

I’d be remiss to not thank my wife, Gaïna, and team members who have helped make this dream of mine a reality. It takes a village to bring any idea to life, and I couldn’t be more thankful for my village--from our brand ambassadors to our pop-up teams. I appreciate each of you! As we wrap this year up, I encourage you to take time to reflect on the past decade and perhaps send a note to all those you’re thankful for as we enter 2020. This new decade will be one to remember. Stay fueled!

Until next time,

David J. Dávila


Davila Kafe Coffee Company


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