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The story behind Kafe Fait La Force

Strength in Conversations, Strength in Unity, and Strength in Community

Kafe Fait La Force

On January 1, 1804 Haiti won its independence from France, and immediately became the world’s first black republic. The Haitian Revolution began a domino effect that sparked a chain of independence movements in the western hemisphere, with Simon Bolivar in Venezuela, and throughout South America (e.g. Colombia and Argentina). Most Americans don't know that the Haitian Revolution led to the defeat of Napoleon in the western hemisphere, which led to “The Louisiana Purchase” that more than doubled the size of the continental U.S. at the time.

Since Haiti’s independence the Haitian national slogan has been “L’Union fait la Force,” which translates to “La Union es la Fuerza,” in Spanish, or “There is strength in Unity.” In honor of our company’s Haitian heritage, and our commitment to community we’ve coined the phrase “Kafe fait la Force.” We believe that through coffee, or KAFE, the foundation blocks of a community can be built starting with one cup and one conversation. That’s why we so strongly believe the “Kafe fait la Force” campaign represents more than just chic fashion and comfort. It represents our ability to find strength in meaningful conversations, in unity, and ultimately in community.

This is why we, at Dávila Kafe, don’t shy away from meaningful conversations. It’s these kinds of conversations that lead to mutual understanding and, even, bonds of friendship. We believe that by engaging with others who come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnic groups, religions, and political persuasions we can create spaces where what unites us (e.g. our common humanity) is more powerful than what separates us. Kafe fait la Force, serves as a constant reminder that we have the power to go beyond our comfort zones to engage the “other” regardless of mainstream opinion, or national rhetoric. Lastly, Kafe fait la Force reminds us that it’s our responsibility to step outside of our own echo chambers, and listen to what others have to say.

You, too, can join the movement and be a part of the conversation. We need you! Go grab your Kafe Fait La Force t-shirt, bag, and gear up! What strengthens you?


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