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NEW EDITION: Embrace your Start

Now in Black

If you’re new to Davila Kafe, we are excited to welcome you to the family! Here at Davila Kafe we’re all about specialty coffee, culture, and community. In the midst of transitions, uncertainty, and the change of seasons we want to encourage you to embrace your start regardless of where you find yourself.

Embrace your start” goes beyond an inspiring slogan, or campaign because it’s a daily reminder that each of us has the power to welcome this season with open arms and make the best of it despite challenges ahead. None of us could have anticipated the fall out of a pandemic, or the halting of our daily routines, but each of us can choose to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

We’re excited to share our Kafe crewneck sweatshirts with you, as a daily reminder to “embrace your start” no matter what season you’re in. The Kafe sweatshirt is fitting for any new or veteran coffee lover. Perfect for crisp spring morning runs (while practicing social distancing, of course!) or gentle mornings that begin with a cup of hot kafe. You can get yours in white or black. We look forward to seeing your photos with your Kafe sweatshirt--remember to use the hashtag #Kafeforall and #embraceyourstart.


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