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Making a Café Cubano

Moka Pot in West Africa
La Greca • Moka Pot

¡Qué bolá! While we're not Cuban, we remember listening to "Tres Patines," as kids so that counts for something "tu entendáis?" Perdóname for this insider.

Well this week we jumped on Clubhouse to discuss how to prepare a delicious cup of Café Cubano. If you're on Clubhouse join us each Wednesday at 12P ET for #theBrewRoom. It's our virtual #popupshop space.

The key to preparing a delicious cup of Café Cubano is some sugar, a lot of whipping, and cracking a good thick sugary layer of cream on the top of your 2-3 oz cup of espresso. If you've never made a Café Cubano, check out the recipe below. We'd love to hear your thoughts, and see your photos.

We brewed our Café Cubano using a Moka Pot, and some Xavi Espresso. You can get yours here.

#PROTIP: Save some time brewing by boiling your water before hand. Pack your espresso basket as tight as you can, but don't grind your coffee too fine.

Another cool idea, if you have one, use an AeroPress filter in addition to the metal filter that comes with the Moka Pot. This will help eliminate additional sediments that otherwise may try to pass through the filter making your coffee taste less chalky. Lastly, use the very first drops of your espresso to whip up your sugar. Elbow grease is required.

For more tips and tricks, join David each Wednesday in #theBrewRoom on Clubhouse every Wednesday at 12P ET. If you need an invite send us a DM on instagram. We'd love to see you in the room. ¡Que Disfrutes!


LA RECETA (The Recipe)



White Sugar

Measuring Cup

Mixing Spoon

Ratio Recommendation

30 grams coffee to 270ml water (1:9 ratio)

Step 1 Disassemble your Moka Pot. Preheat it with hot water so it doesn't absorb too much heat and the brew becomes less harsh.

Step 2

Grind your espresso beans on the finer side of medium-fine.

Step 3

Fill the bottom compartment of your Moka Pot with 270ml of water. Don't pass the safety valve. Insert the basket and fill with coffee.

Step 4

Rinse an AeroPress paper filter, and cover the metal Moka Pot filter with the paper filter. Assemble the Moka Pot, by screwing and securing the top part of Moka Pot onto the lower compartment.

Step 5

Place the Moka Pot on top of your heat source at medium heat, keeping the lit open.

Step 6

Add teaspoons of sugar to your mixing cup. (You can use a small milk pitcher.)

Step 7

Add the very first bit of espresso that comes from your Moka Pot into the mixing cup with the sugar. (Max 2 teaspoons!) Mix with a spoon and whip it up creating a sugar paste. (Feel free to use an electric handheld milk frother to aid the process.) The key is to arrive at a creamy, foamy consistency and a light brown color.

Step 8

Once the Moka Pot is done brewing, remove from heat, and slowly add the rest of your coffee into your whipped sugar paste. Make sure that the sugar is dissolving properly, and gently stir. Slowly pour the rest of the coffee by pouring onto a spoon and holding it to the wall of the mixing vessel. Stir gently.

Step 9

Serve in small 2-3 oz espresso cups, shake the pitcher gently when pouring out to ensure that your foam is distributing evenly.

**PLEASE NOTE: This this is by no means meant to be the ultimate or most authentic recipe. This is just what we have found to work well for our purposes.**


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