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FANM VANYAN: Women's Access to Justice & Innovation at Origin (Haiti)

Our Co-Founder Gaina Davila moderated this webinar that pulled back the curtain on the state of women and their access to justice and innovation at origin in Haiti. Our panel featured pioneering voices of women of Haitian descent in the space of justice, gender equality, and innovation. If we’re going to succeed in achieving true equity and justice, the voices of women and those who are leading impact must be amplified. Panelists include:

Nahomie Millien- Nahomie is a gender specialist and general manager of the Centre Kaizen in Haiti. She’s been a steadfast advocate for women’s rights and has worked in the field of gender studies and female empowerment for over ten years. Nahomie is also a founding member of the "Centre d'Appui et de Formation des Jeunes", a faith based organization in her church that campaigns for the development of youth and their transition into adulthood in Port-au-prince.

Shaina Silva- Shaina is an award winning entrepreneur, ecosystem architect, and digital transformation strategist. A fierce advocate for women leading the New Economy, Shaina, founded the #SHE_BUILDS Global Initiative, an international platform that exists to accelerate social, economic, and environmental progress in Haiti by equipping women entrepreneurs, innovators, and change makers with the tools to scale their impact. Today, the platform has a network that reaches over 20 cities across 4 continents and leverages technology to connect and invest in women builders who are shaping the future of Haiti.

Cassandre Theano- Cassandre is an international human rights attorney, advocate and diplomat with over a decade of experience working at the intersection of human rights, racial justice, development and philanthropy. She is the Assistant Director for Human Rights and Public International Law at Columbia Law School's Office of Social Justice Initiatives and a Foreign Service Attorney serving in the Africa Bureau of USAID. She also teaches the United Nations Externship at the law school and is an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Watch the full webinar here.


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